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Cradle of Filth @ Webster Hall

March 08, 2016

Hailing from Suffolk, England, Cradle of Filth has been a leader on the Metal scene for over two decades. Forming in 1991 by Vocalist/Lyricist Dani Filth, the band, combining styles such as Black, Gothic, and Symphonic Metal, would quickly distinguish themselves with their unique sound. Building a reputation with their theatrical performances mixed with Horror, drawing their musical references from Mythology, Poetry, Horror films, and a Gothic lifestyle, the band would spend their early years as a fixture in the underground. In 1998, their third album, entitled Cruelty and the Beast, would see more grand internationally success. This would lead to the powerful 2000 record Midian, thus putting Cradle of Filth on the map for many more years of music to follow.


NeObliviscaris - Butcher Babies - Cradle of Filth


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