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Trivium + Sabaton & Huntress @ Irving Plaza

October 11, 2016

When the announcement of Trivium’s North American Silence in the Snow fall 2016 tour hit the web, fans of the Heavy Metal leaders were completely stoked. Add in support from Sweden’s Sabaton and California’s Huntress, there is mass Metal hysteria. With tour dates spanning across the country through September and October, many quickly sold out, so in lieu of such success, the European and U.K. tour dates were announced to run all the way through spring 2017. When asked to remark about the European dates, Frontman Matt Heafy states, “The UK was the first place to embrace Trivium on the planet, and Europe was the first home for Trivium playing internationally way back in 2003. It’s our honour to be able to complete the ‘Silence in The Snow’ album tour in the UK and Europe; we have had some of the most integral and historic moments of our career in both spots, and we look forward to celebrating our love of music with all of you. See you very soon!”


Huntress - Sabaton - Trivium


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