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Highly Suspect @ Irving Plaza

October 28, 2016

To the naked eye, it would appear the rise of Hard Rock soldiers Highly Suspect has come out of nowhere. Quite understandable, in less than two years, the New England natives went from rather unknown to seeing their 2015 debut album, Mister Asylum, garner them nomination for Best Rock Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. In addition, the album’s lead single, “Lydia,” was also nominated for Best Rock Song. Feats some bands will never attain in their entire career, it stands to reason that some would say, “Who exactly are Highly Suspect?” Well, much like other “overnight successes,” it is never as instant as it seems. This is a band which has been hard at work since 2009 when twin brothers Rich (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums, backing vocals) along with their best friend Johnny Stevens (guitar, lead vocals) came together because of a love for music.


Slothrust - Highly Suspect


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