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Ministry & Chelsea Wolfe @ The Paramount

April 19, 2018
Times are changing… and damn, they sure are confusing. A period in American history where no one knows which way is up, fortunately we can all turn to music to blow off s...
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Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo @ The Paramount

April 11, 2018
In the early ’80s, young women first became empowered by celebrating and imitating one of Rock’s premiere female vocalists who pounded, roared, and fought her way into th...
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Watain @ Gramercy Theatre

March 31, 2018
Amid a national panic in the Metal underground due to the activities of Antifa, there was some doubt that the Pandemoniac Wolf March U.S. Tour would even make it to its N...
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Train & Friends @ The Paramount

November 28, 2017
Just in the nick of time to embrace the spirit of the 2017 holiday season, Train released, for the first time ever, Christmas in Tahoe in October 2017 to digital retailer...
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Epica & Lacuna Coil @ Playstation Theater

September 29, 2017
For fans of European Metal, the prospect of a tour uniting Insomnium with Lacuna Coil and Epica is a dream come true. Well, pinch yourself because the wish was granted wi...
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