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Stephanie Pearl started her career as a Graphic Designer. However, as a visual artist, her innovative ideas were incomplete until the day she picked up a camera. Luckily for Stephanie’s design background, her photography skills instantly excelled to a genuine work of art. One could say, she’s a natural. Stephanie started her career capturing photos of famous musicians of all genres, and it has been non-stop ever since. She worked at concerts, to red carpet events, private parties, black tie affairs, weddings, you name it, she’s done it.


Since Stephanie stepped out of her element with Graphic Design, she realized it was her connection with people and capturing their moments to tell a story is what was most important to her. What you will discover in her photos, is her unique eye as her flawless articulation has emanated glimpses of reality as though she truly paused one’s most precious moments.


Stephanie is always willing to expand her collection and make your photo dreams come true. Hopefully, you will be part of it.


Personality wise, Stephanie has an alternative edge as she enjoys going to rock shows, loves Italian food, whiskey, and traveling. Her guilty pleasure is the Backstreet Boys but, don’t let that fool you, she is a nerd at heart due to her tech savvy capabilities. Between her talent, friendliness, genuine heart, and gifted mind, you will fall in love with her just as her photos.