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Just in the nick of time to embrace the spirit of the 2017 holiday season, Train released, for the first time ever, Christmas in Tahoe in October 2017 to digital retailers other than Amazon. This sugar plum album, originally released in November of 2015, is a compilation album of 3 tracks of original Christmas music, along with mouthwatering renditions of Christmas classics to stream or download with a simple click of a mouse!


Train - Alternative Routes - Adam Ezra


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Epica & Lacuna Coil @ Playstation Theater


For fans of European Metal, the prospect of a tour uniting Insomnium with Lacuna Coil and Epica is a dream come true. Well, pinch yourself because the wish was granted with The Ultimate Principle Tour. Launched at the end of August, and visiting cities coast to coast across North America, on Friday, September 29th, the tour reached its final destination at Playstation Theater in New York City. 


Epica - Lacuna Coil - Insomnium - Elantris


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Shinedown & Biffy Clyro @ The Paramount


The end of the summer season can be a sad affair for many. Gone are the long days, outdoor cookouts, and for some, summer love. Thankfully, here to help wash away the end of summer blues are Hard Rock titans Shinedown on a limited North American run of shows with Scotland’s Biffy Clyro. How limited? Well, it comes just a month after Shinedown wrapped up a summer fling of their own touring across the country in support of 2015’s Threat to Survival and it lasted of all a week long. Say it isn’t so! Not to worry, the boys from the south more than likely will have a few shows between now and the end of the year, but it is time to get some much needed R&R, and oh yea, perhaps record some new music!


Biffy Clyro - Shinedown


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One Republic, Fitz And The Tantrums & James Arthur @ Jones Beach Theater


Working with talented musicians since back in 2001, the Honda Civic Tour returns in 2017 with a fantastic lineup led by OneRepublic with support from Fitz and The Tantrums and James Arthur. The now summer tradition, over the past 16 years the tour has seen everyone from Blink-182, to Linkin Park, to Demi Lovato, and One Direction fill the bill. Now the 2017 Honda Civic Tour has three engine-revving acts that are not only engaging and entertaining but leave you feeling all good inside. Launching back on July 7th, the tour runs all the way through mid September, and on the mild Saturday evening of July 29th, it made a pitstop at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York for a relaxing night of music on the Long Island shoreline. 


James Arthur - Fitz And The Tantrums - One Republic


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Boston @ Jones Beach Theater


A space ship was spotted for the very first time on August 25, 1976 hovering in the skyline of Boston, Massachusetts. It was mistaken for a UFO, but it was later identified as the Rock band Boston after they dropped a close encounter album self-entitled, Boston. Primarily recorded at Tom Scholz home, Foxglove Studios in Watertown, their debut has attained 17 time platinum status, and is widely considered one of the best Rock albums of all-time.




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Muse + Thirty Seconds to Mars @ Jones Beach Theater

When thinking of active Rock bands powerful enough to move a stadium size crowd, a short list comes to mind. Of course there are The Rolling Stones, U2, Bon Jovi , along with Iron Maiden in certain corners of the earth, but how about throwing Muse into the discussion?  

An English Alternative Rock trio from Teignmouth, Devon, Muse began their journey back in the mid ’90s with hopes and aspirations, but little did they know, one day they would become one the most successful bands in the world. In fact, since the release of Absolution in 2003, each of their albums through 2015’s Drones peaked at number 1 on UK charts, and by the way, 2001’s Origin of Symmetry hit number 3 there. A fever which spread across the continents like wildfire, through the years it became evident that Muse was a band that transcended genres – Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, and Heavy Metal fans alike became drawn into their sound. Completely hooking the North American market as more than just a whisper of a must see band, 2006’s Black Holes and Revelations would change the game for Muse and soon they were headlining their own gigs at New York City’s Madison Square Garden in 2007. Since, it has been a steady growth, establishing Muse as one of the biggest bands around.


Pvris - Thirty Seconds to Mars - Muse


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Iron Maiden @ Barclays Center

There is nothing quite like an Iron Maiden concert experience. All around the venue, for blocks, for miles, their devotees can be seen preparing to enter the chosen temple of the night’s proceedings. Clad in their myriad Eddie paraphernalia, they comprise all generations, all races, and all walks of life. Such is the breadth of followers of these lads from the East End of London -Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Nicko McBrain, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers – have earned themselves across better than forty years of solid existence.


Iron Maiden


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Deftones & Rise Against @ Jones Beach Theater

In celebration of summer 2017, Deftones and Rise Against have joined forces for an extensive co-headlining tour, produced by Live Nation. Taking along Thrice and Three Trapped Tigers, beginning on June 9th in Chicago, IL, the 21-stop tour runs through July 9th, ending in Tempe, AZ. Just a week in, on Tuesday, June 13th, one of this summer’s biggest co-headlining shows rolled into Wantagh, New York’s Northwell Health at Jones Beach Amphitheater. A 15,000-seat venue located on Zachs Bay, Jones Beach is to East Coast concert venues what the Red Sox are to Boston. Which is to say that if someone has never heard of the place, they do not love music!


Thrice - Rise Against - Deftones


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Bon Jovi @ Madison Square Garden

In the modern era of Rock-n-Roll, there are only a handful of active artists who can sell out stadiums, among the select few are U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi. Out of The Garden State of New Jersey, Bon Jovi became a success out the gate with their 1984 self-titled debut album, but it would be 1986’s Slippery When Wet which would launch them into mega star status. Transcending the era of Glam Rock, Bon Jovi has sold more than 130 million albums worldwide, performed thousands upon thousands of concerts all over the world, and are without question one of the most successful bands of all-time. 

Still adored by fans of all ages over three decades later, a mostly intact lineup of Jon Bon Jovi on vocals/guitar, David Bryan on keyboards/pedal steel guitar, and Tico Torres on drums, along with Hugh McDonald on bass, plus Phil X on lead guitar/talkbox take to the road again in 2017. The band’s first full-fledged tour since 2013’s Because We Can World Tour, 2017’s affair, This House Is Not for Sale Tour, launched back in February, visiting arenas coast to coast. A run in support of the band’s 2016 effort This House Is Not for Sale, with an additional twelve records of back catalogue material in hand, Bon Jovi had plenty of ground to cover. 


Oak & Ash - Bon Jovi


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Whitechapel presents the Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary Show @ Irving Plaza

Back in 1982, a little record label was formed out of Los Angeles, California are under the title Metal Blade Records. Founded by former Record Store Employee Brian Slagel  as a way to garner attention for Los Angeles area Metals bands, through the years, the label has seen many mega bands be a part of the family from Slayer, to Behemoth, to Amon Amarth, to even the Goo Goo Dolls. Growing into the juggernaut that it is today, the label supports over 100 active bands including Cannibal Corpse, the aforementioned Amon Amarth, King Diamond, and so many more. 

Proudly celebrating the label’s 35th anniversary, four current Metal Blade Record labelmates – Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore, Allegaeon, and Necromancing The Stone – join up with Whitechapel for an stacked touring bill. Begun back on February 21st, the tour extends through March 16th, and on Saturday, February 25th, fans crowded into Irving Plaza to celebrate. An extra early show, doors opened at 4:50 PM and the entire Metal assault was wrapped up before the 9 PM hour. Unheard of for most Metal shows, the killer late afternoon with Necromancing the Stone, Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation, and Whitechapel was set to begin. 


Necromancing The Stone - Allegaeon - Cattle Decapitation - Whitechapel


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Shinedown and FFDP @ The Prudential Center

Announced all the way back in the spring of 2016, Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown’s co-headlining fall tour had been in the corner of Hard Rock fan’s minds for sometime. A collaboration of two different, but no less powerful Rock bands, it is arguably one of the year’s best touring bills. That is even before one takes into consideration that Sixx: A.M. and promising new band As Lions round out the lineup. Packed from top to bottom, the tour spanned nearly two months after additional shows were announced sometime in late August. Beginning October 18th, concluding on December 10th, everywhere from the midwest to down south and across to the West Coast had a chance to see the show.


As Lions - SixxAM - Shinedown - Five Finger Death Punch


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Fitz and the Tantrums @ the Paramount

Breaking the chains of genre classification, Southern California’s Fitz and The Tantrums are a band that stand on their own. Together since 2008, the dynamic combination of Vocalists Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs unified by the colorful instrumentation of Bassist Joseph Karnes, Keyboardist Jeremy Ruzumna, Drummer John Wicks, along with Multi-instrumentalist James King make them a unique bunch, impossible to categorize. Certainly within the Pop realm, their mix of Soul, New Wave, R&B, and Alternative Rock find them accessible enough to fit in the Billboard Hot 100, but edgy enough to be featured on multi-platform music festivals such as Riot Fest.


Barns Courtney - Fitz And The Tantrums


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Highly Suspect @ Irving Plaza

To the naked eye, it would appear the rise of Hard Rock soldiers Highly Suspect has come out of nowhere. Quite understandable, in less than two years, the New England natives went from rather unknown to seeing their 2015 debut album, Mister Asylum, garner them nomination for Best Rock Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. In addition, the album’s lead single, “Lydia,” was also nominated for Best Rock Song. Feats some bands will never attain in their entire career, it stands to reason that some would say, “Who exactly are Highly Suspect?” Well, much like other “overnight successes,” it is never as instant as it seems. This is a band which has been hard at work since 2009 when twin brothers Rich (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums, backing vocals) along with their best friend Johnny Stevens (guitar, lead vocals) came together because of a love for music.


Slothrust - Highly Suspect


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Gojira @ Terminal 5

Months following the release of their universally acclaimed album, Magma, France’s Gojira set their sights on a fall North America tour not to be missed. Known for their often technical, textured, and atmospheric sound, Gojira has been demolishing audiences around the globe since their 2001 debut album, Terra IncognitaWhile the underground knew of this monster through their earlier years, it was not until 2008′s The Way of All Flesh that they really began to attain mainstream attention, and 2012′s L’Enfant Sauvage pushed them directly into the spotlight where they belong.


Car Bomb - TesseracT - Gojira


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Trivium + Sabaton & Huntress @ Irving Plaza

When the announcement of Trivium’s North American Silence in the Snow fall 2016 tour hit the web, fans of the Heavy Metal leaders were completely stoked. Add in support from Sweden’s Sabaton and California’s Huntress, there is mass Metal hysteria. With tour dates spanning across the country through September and October, many quickly sold out, so in lieu of such success, the European and U.K. tour dates were announced to run all the way through spring 2017. When asked to remark about the European dates, Frontman Matt Heafy states, “The UK was the first place to embrace Trivium on the planet, and Europe was the first home for Trivium playing internationally way back in 2003. It’s our honour to be able to complete the ‘Silence in The Snow’ album tour in the UK and Europe; we have had some of the most integral and historic moments of our career in both spots, and we look forward to celebrating our love of music with all of you. See you very soon!”


Huntress - Sabaton - Trivium


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Billboard Festival 2016 - Day 2 @ Nikon Jones Beach Theater

Following an exciting opening day of the second annual Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, on Sunday, August 21st, Day Two had the stars aligned. Studded with a lineup that would make any top 100 fan salivate, in spite of the grey skies above, the music would go on without any skipping a beat. With the doors opening up at 12 noon, and the first scheduled performance around 12:15 PM, the grounds of  Nikon Theater at Jones beach in Wantagh, New York began to fill up rapidly.


Skylar Grey - Party Thieves - Timeflies - Funkmaster Flex - Galantis - J. Cole - Marshmello - Nervo - Calvin Harris


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Billboard Festival 2016 - Day 1 @ Nikon Jones Beach Theater

Back in 2015, the Billboard Hot 100 broke its way out of the charts of America and onto the stage when launching the first ever Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. A late summer surprise to many, the festival was held on the weekend of August 22nd through 23rd at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York featuring a stellar, diverse list of acts ranging from Jason Derulo, to The Weeknd, to New Politics, to Justin Bieber, just to name a few. A hit, music fans came from all over to visit the beachside Long Island venue to dance their troubles away. That is why it came as no surprise that the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival returned to Jones Beach in 2016 to recapture the magic of 2015′s inauguration. This time taking over the same location the weekend of August 20th through 21st, the lineup included some of today’s biggest DJ’s, Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B artists. The threat of rain was not a deterrent as the parking lot at Jones Beach filled with music lovers who were ready to brave whatever mother nature had in store in order to see some of their favorite artists.


Nathan Sykes - Rachel Platten - Fetty Wap - Sleigh Bells - Martin Garrix - Rae Sremmurd - Madeon - Ariana Grande


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Janes Addiction @ Coney Island Amphitheater

Back in 1991, the extremely diverse music festival known as Lollapalooza was launched by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for his band. Now celebrating the festival’s 25th anniversary, it vaguely bares any resemblance to the early days. Nonetheless, Farrell did launch something special for the Alternative music world that cannot be denied. That being said, Jane’s Addiction, reunited for good since 2001, have plenty to celebrate in 2016.


Nothing Band - Dinosaur Jr. - Janes Addiction


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Hollywood Vampires @ Coney Island Amphitheater